About Us

In 1994, BIFEM joined forces with the renowned PARALU France to create a joint venture: BIFEM-PARALU, introducing innovative aluminum designs.
Today, BIFEM-PARALU attracts top architects and project managers who seek first-class products and material, and suitable solutions for the most demanding architectural designs.
With the right workforce, experience, and a factory of 4000 m2, the company carries out large scale projects in different parts of the world.

Our Services

BIFEM-PARALU's strength lies in its advanced R&D department and its ability to tackle projects due to the capacity of the 4000 m2 factory that gives the company a distinctive edge.
The imaginative research team provided by Paralu Group and the efficient production facilities enable BIFEM-PARALU to carry large-scale projects throughout Lebanon and abroad. BIFEM-PARALU was one of the first groups in Lebanon to industrialize curtain-walling manufacture and installation.

Our plant is equipped with automated machines for all types of curtain walling.
The fully computerized systems from drawing board to factory-floor production control, ensure maximum profitability with ISO 3001 quality standards ethnologies.

The curtain walling success relies on three factors: Design, Manufacturing and Installation.
The diversity of the projects executed by BIFEM-PARALU has resulted in special fixing systems designed for each type of building.

BIFEM-PARALU's objectives are threefold:
-Optimizing installation time.
-Controlling quality right through to the final stage of the project
-Assuming full responsibility while being efficient and effective

Company Hierarchy

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